Toddler Class (The Ladybug Room) 2-3 years old

The toddler class is for children ages  2-3 years old with a child teacher ratio of 1:6.  The  class size is up to 12 children with two teachers.

The toddler classroom is a magical beginning with a prepared environment where each child can individually learn, grow, and thrive.  In the toddler classroom children are often seen rolling out play dough, painting with watercolors, working with knobbed cylinder blocks/puzzles, working with color box #1 or #2 or matching sounds with the sound cylinders.  The children can be observed  pouring colored water from pitcher to pitcher, spooning beans, and learning to use chop sticks to move pom poms from one vessel to another. They love the sensory rice table and encourage each other to potty train.

Children are invited to work with activities specially created for each child through careful observation by our certified Montessori Teachers.

Primary Class (The Butterfly Room) 3-6 years old

The Primary class is for children ages 3-6 with a teacher child ratio 1:12. The class size is  up to 20 children with two teachers and one floater teacher.

The 3-6 classroom consists of a careful balance of preschoolers, transitional kindergartners, and kindergartens.

In our multi-age Montessori classroom, the children are placed with their peers in an environment that allows the younger children to observe and  learn from the work of the older children.   The multi-age classroom helps the older children  reinforce their skills and understanding of the  work  each and every time they assist a  younger child in a lesson.  The younger child naturally wants to learn and develop the skills the older child is developing and mastering.

Our primary classroom promotes concentration, coordination, independence, and order as well as good self-esteem, self confidence, and compassion. 

In the primary classroom children can be observed  making freshly squeezed lemonade to pour and severe to their classmates or washing their  hands to prepare and serve themselves snack.  They are often seen working on initial sound cards, constructing phonetic words with the movable alphabet, reading, writing, sorting bugs to count,working out conflicts and communicating well with their peers at the peace table ( using Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson) and  learning about the seven continents on the planet earth and much much more.

Children too are invited to work with activities created for each child through careful observation by our certified Montessori Teachers.

We offer Full Day, Half Day, and Childcare.

Half Day: 9-1pm

Full Day: 9-3pm

Childcare: 7:30-9am  and 3-6pm

We offer three, four, or five day a week schedules.

Naptime 1-3pm -Toddler class takes naps and the primary class kids are invited to nap if they choose to do so.

Potty training is part of our program

Enrichment Programs


Spanish with Hola Amigos

Included in curriculum.

Wildcare Natural Science Program

Included in curriculum. 

Soccer Shots

Parent sign-up. Separate fee, not included in tuition.

Bear Mobile Gymnastics

Parent sign-up. Separate fee, not included in tuition.